Top 10 music lover gifts

How to impress a music fan? What do these guys like and dislike? Together with
bebemur, we collected some information on perfect music lover gifts, so that
every group of music listeners gets represented.

So how to make your present cool, not corny, especially if you don’t know the
person’s likes/dislikes? Here are some popular music gift ideas for your cultured

  1. A vinyl record
    True music lovers collect vinyl records. In case you didn’t know, artists still release
    a copy right after they drop an album. Vinyl records will be a good finding not only
    for all those who grew up with them in childhood. These would be a great present
    for any music lover even in their younger years. These records have a different
    sound, and installing them is a separate tradition. Vinyl record players are getting
    popular again because of fashion trends. Opposing streaming digital music, this
    device brings novelty into the house and adds some swag. These records are for
    cultured people who agreed to spend additional coins on high-quality sound.
  2. Annual Apple Music subscription
    It might not be much, but your music-loving boyfriend or girlfriend will be on
    cloud nine knowing they don’t have to buy a subscription for the whole year.
    Digital streaming is still the most popular way of listening to music in 2021, so are
    digital purchases. Paying for someone’s streaming services means freeing them
    from the responsibility of renewing the subscription plan every month.
  3. Concert tickets
    If you know your music lover’s favorite artist, this would be a dream come true if
    you could purchase a real ticket to their show. Regardless of whether your person
    already attended their concert or it is their first event at all, seeing a favorite
    musician or a vocalist would be the best way of saying “I love you.” Especially if a
    specific artist doesn’t go on tours often or makes shows for the underground
    audience, the uniqueness or your present multiplies by 10.
  4. A musical instrument
    If your partner already told you they would like to pick up an instrument, it is your
    best sign to purchase any instrument associated with your significant other. These
    can be guitars, drums, flutes, synthesizers, ukuleles, and many other items you
    can choose according to your budget and preference. Even if your person doesn’t

have enough motivation to learn the instruments you gave them, this would
create a cool atmosphere in the house.

  1. A high-quality headset
    Headphones are better than earbuds for music lovers because music admirers can
    sense frequencies and distinguish one-dimensional sounds from an expensive
    acoustic. If you want to purchase headphones, opt for high-quality ones with
    soundproofing. This will allow your significant other walk around town listening to
    death metal without disturbing a soul.
  2. But if your partner or crush wants to disturb everyone nearby, they need a
    good loudspeaker. Loudspeakers are made to have a powerful bass system, so opt
    for those that control the range of sound and are wireless. These babies often
    have additional features such as strobe lights and a funky design.
  3. A car sound systems
    If your baby drives a car, why not purchasing an incredible sound system that will
    turn the heads of every pedestrian? Getting a high-quality sound system for a car
    might be expensive, but it is worth it. Each time they give you a ride, you will hear
    heavenly sounds. With a smart car radio, even standing in a traffic jam wouldn’t
    be so boring.
  4. Airpods
    But if your significant other doesn’t like humungous headphones and want to stay
    in something more low-key, earbuds will be the best choice because they still
    have great acoustics, and are not as flashy and noticeable as the headphones.
    Some earbuds are so good, you can’t believe that listening to powerful music
    might be compatible (if not preferable) with small and dainty devices.
  5. An autographed piece of clothing
    If your partner is a fan of a specific brand or vocalist, ask them to sign whatever.
    There are special services dedicated to autographs for a separate price.
  6. Merch
    Merch is an amazing way of supporting an artist, so if you want to make your
    significant other happy, splurge on a designer tee made by her or his favorite