Best Places for Romantic Dates in Cleveland

Cleveland is one of the best places in America to go on a weekend break. Couples in love who come for a romantic weekend will find something for themselves. Narrow streets, multiple squares and a whole choice of places with beautiful views of the city create a romantic mood. Those who came here for an unforgettable first date and those who came to celebrate a silver wedding will find something to do for themselves – online dating statistics says.

  1. Greater Cleveland Aquarium

It is a small place but it brings joy to the locals and visitors of the city. There are always a lot of kids who watch the inhabitants of the water element. It will be interesting for adults too – fish, reptiles, stingrays, amphibians, and sharks arouse the genuine interest of visitors of any age. Isn’t it a good idea to spend a date here?

  • Horseshoe Casino Cleveland

It is an old historic building, so it can be considered an architectural monument. It is not required to wear special clothes to enter the casino. In the casino, you can’t play and also have a delicious dinner in restaurants. There are several of them and some of them have their own food courts, where you can have a meal in the open air. A distinctive feature of the service is a buffet. This establishment is definitely worth a visit.

  • The Restaurant of French cuisine “L’Albatros Brasserie + Bar”

Here you can have fun with your loved one and come here on a date. The kitchen is located behind the glass, so visitors can watch the cooking process. Many guests of the restaurant are beautifully dressed and celebrate something. A large collection of wines will please anyone. The most interesting thing about the restaurant is that each waiter performs only one task – someone brings cheeses and someone potatoes.

  • The Seafood restaurant “Blue Point Grille”

It is very good restaurant, with excellent service and quality cuisine! It has excellent seafood and very tasty beer. All guests are well dressed, so you shouldn’t come here in everyday clothes. The price level is acceptable.

  • Cleveland Mall Avenue

You can walk from the main square to the embankment through the beautiful Cleveland Mall Avenue, on both sides of which buildings are built in the style of neo-classicism. In the middle of the alley, there is a kind of war memorial “Fountain of Living Life”, which embodies the desire of people to live in peace.

  • Downtown

The downtown of Cleveland has a great area with a number of similar administrative buildings, green squares, flower lawns, a city stadium, and unusual mirror sculptures. The square goes to the river. Walking down the steps, a great view of the river, the embankment, and the port will open.

  • Playhouse Square and Gateway Districts

The Playhouse Square Center is a wonderful theater quarter, which has the second largest theater complex in the US. In the Gateway district, there are several of Cleveland’s main sports stadiums were built – the Quicken Loans Arena and the Progressive Field. If you are fans of sports, you can spend a date there.